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As I write this it’s the last full week of the summer holidays and my children are spending the week with their dad. This is a welcome relief for me as I’ve juggled A LOT over the past however many weeks (can’t keep up). In summary…

Keeping the kids entertained

Having friends over, going on a couple of adventures, holiday clubs, watching my youngest step out on the Wembley stadium pitch as a mascot for the Women’s Leeds Rhinos rugby team!

Stuff for me

A witchy festival, family wedding, gigs and at least one night out. 


I’ve also had to keep on top of my workload – for me and for my clients and prepare for starting something new!

How did I manage the summer holidays?

One simple word: plan.

👉🏻 Before the holidays started I organised with my ex when we would each have the kids. I signed them up for holiday clubs and scheduled time for us to do some things together. 

👉🏻 I said yes to the things that I wanted to do for me and sorted travel, times etc. 

👉🏻 And I identified all of the tasks that had to be completed for work and added tasks to Asana with deadline dates.

Managing time

In order to get everything done I had to manage my time as well. Over holidays I will sometimes get up early and work before the kids wake up. This means I can finish early and spend time with them. 

But I don’t do this every day because I don’t want to burnout.

The result

We made some great memories, I discovered new things and met new people, all my client work was completed by the 3rd week of August.

So what am I doing in this final week? I’m preparing for some new training I’m receiving, namely:

  • Chakra Balancing Diploma
  • Law of Attraction & Spiritual Toolbox Diploma
  • Quantum Holographic Echo Healing Diploma

So chances are I’ll be looking for some willing volunteers to hone my new skills with.

If you’re into the ‘woo’ and this sort of thing resonates with you, hit reply to register an interest in becoming a guinea pig 😉


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