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Here are 3 things we all hate about social media. As my previous blog was all about things I love about social media, this offers a little bit of balance.

But obviously there will be a bit of a twist as I don’t like to be negative. So we can also talk about how to get over that hate.


No-one likes these people. Trolls use social media for evillll (said in silly voice). They’re not supportive, helpful, inspirational or educational. In fact they’re the antithesis of what I think social media should be. 

How do we deal with them? Ignore, report, block. Byeeee.


The plague of social media comments sections. You’ve seen the ‘Promote on…’, ‘IPhone winner…’, and ‘(this person) helped me get out of debt / my relationship / make more money…’ comments.

How do we deal with them? Report as spam, block, never buy followers. 

An extra tip for Instagram: Save words you don’t want to see in your comments to the Hidden Words setting.

Rabbit holes

Well it’s not so much a hate as it is an inconvenience or an issue that people have. Social media can be a time suck. If you’re looking to waste some time then it’s a perfect tool. However, if you actively avoid social media because of the time issue then that’s something to have a solution for (especially if it means you’re not marketing your business).

How do we deal with this? Schedule time to engage and come out of social media apps once the time is up. Have set engagement tasks to do during this time and nothing more. 

(If you haven’t already, you can download my weekly planner for social media which gives tasks for you to do each day that are short and pro-active).

IMHO Social media platforms should be looking at dealing with these things (well the first 2 anyway). Stop with the updates and start cleaning the place up. No more trolls, no more bots.

What do you think?


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