I’ve attended a few masterclasses recently and one big issue that comes up again and again for people (women) who own small businesses is their social media marketing, or rather the lack of it.

There’s an element of reluctance, maybe through fear, or lack of understanding, or because they don’t have the time.

And on top of this there’s a theme of, ‘I can’t talk about myself,’ or ‘I feel daft talking about myself,’ or ‘I can’t promote myself, it feels like I’m bragging.’

Is this you?

The thing is, you need to be out there, being visible and you need to talk about yourself.

Two reasons why you need to be visible on social media

  1. If no-one knows you exist, they can’t buy from you. 
  2. If someone knows you exist, but knows nothing about you and the community or network you belong to, how are they going to like and trust you, and ultimately buy from you?

For some people it may feel unnatural, talking about yourself to a bunch of strangers on the internet. But you also have to remember that you can talk about your products or services, you can talk about your industry, you can give updates, news and tips.

And this can be made a whole lot easier if you create user personas for your ideal clients because then you won’t be talking to strangers, you’ll be creating content with a specific persona in mind and will be speaking directly to them.

Statistically speaking

People spend an average of 20 minutes a day on Facebook and scroll an average of 300ft a day. Sprout Social gives the number of monthly Facebook users worldwide as 2.8 billion monthly active users. Infact statistics increasingly show how important social media marketing is to business.

So you really do have to be in it, and the best thing is that for the most part, it’s free. 

And for those who have no time (do you really?), there are ways to combat this. You need a good, consistent plan of action or you can outsource to a social media manager (like me 😉)