Something weird has happened this week, I’m experiencing a mental block. Normally there’s something that’s happened, or something I posted on social media that got good engagement, that will inspire me. 

But this week, not so much.

And even more weird is that my mental block has created content.

This has led me to consider, what can you do when you have a mental or creative block and you work creatively? 

Here are three tips (and one bonus tip) for you from me:


What questions are you asked about your business? Is there something that people often ask you? Or a few related questions that you can answer in a blog post or email.

In fact it’s a good idea to have a list of questions on standby in a Google Sheet or Trello board, or whatever tool you have to keep notes / store content. This way you can locate your prompt questions easily and that should help take the pressure off. I’m sure I have one somewhere…


Yep, use something that already exists and repurpose it. Maybe you have a blog post or a social media post from a few months ago. Will anyone remember it? If it’s still relevant, then why not review it and rewrite it? You may find that you have more insight into the subject now so re-visiting it is actually helping your audience more than you think.

Go personal.

Remember: everything is content, so if something has happened to you that isn’t work related as such, but is something that your audience can relate to, then it will be valuable. People do business with others they know, like and trust. And this is a super duper way to connect on a personal level.

The brilliant thing about all of these tips is that you can apply them to your social media posts too. A lot of people struggle to think of what to post about, and doing these three things can help build a strategy. 

Say you decide to create three social media posts a week based on these three areas. You’ll have a business post, a repurposed post, a personal post. And you will have a plan! 


My bonus tip for when you are having a tricky time coming up with content due to a mental or creative block is, put it to one side and come back to it tomorrow. 

I’d love to know if these tips help you 😊

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