Ok so the truth is I reel-ly (that will never get old) don’t know.

What am I even talking about anyway? Let me explain.

After advising clients to start creating Reels on Instagram, I eventually bit the bullet and started creating my own. 

I went through the same concerns as everyone else:

  • What will I do
  • How do I do it
  • What music do I use
  • How do you make the words pop up on the screen
  • Do I have to keep changing my clothes and / or point at things 

And I found that all the answers come with time, practice and taking inspiration from other users (there’s pretty much always a trend going on that you can join in with too).

My first Reel got 122 views and 2 likes. 

These numbers kind of stuck around the lower end until one day I posted a Reel and got over 1000 views. Considering my actual number of followers, I thought this was pretty good.

But then the numbers went down, then up, then down, then up.

And one day I posted a Reel which currently has 17.9K views, 906 likes and 7 comments.

It has honestly grown its own pair of legs and started running.

So back to my question, why is this reel performing so well? I don’t know.

My experience with Reels makes me think that it has something to do with the time of day I posted it, and then I reckon the more people see it, the more Instagram shows it to people (something to do with the algorithm).

So my plan is to make a note of the time of day I post and see what the results show me. 

Have you taken the plunge into Reels yet? If not, here’s some ideas for easy Reels to get you started.


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