I’m currently in the middle of not one, but two Instagram challenges ( as well as posting my regular stuff – so if you’ve seen me lots on Insta this month – that’s why).

Challenge number 1 is by Social Mums and runs for the whole of June. Participants are invited to share stories, posts, reels, videos etc as per the daily prompt and use the hashtag #socialmumsjune

Challenge number 2 is by The Two Lauras and runs for two weeks (1-14 June). Gain participants are invited to share content based around the daily prompt and use the hashtag #MeetTheSocialPro

And I’m managing to keep up with it! I’ve created a mixture of photo posts, graphics and reels so far.

This isn’t the first challenge I’ve taken part in, and some I find easier to keep up with than others but I think they are great. 

Positives of social media challenges

Follower numbers

Even though follower numbers aren’t the be all and end all of social media, it does feel nice to see the numbers go up and because this is as a result of the challenge it’s likely that the followers you gain are quality ones. 

Connection and engagement

You may see your engagement rate increase as others taking part in the challenge notice what you are posting or the challenge hosts may share your content to their stories if you use the unique hashtag or tag them in your posts. It’s the connections that you gain through engagement that can help your account grow.


Your post reach may increase as your posts are shared (thank you unique hashtag) and even more so if you create stories for some of the prompts. In fact running or taking part in a story challenge has its own benefits: people who don’t want to commit to posting on their grid may take part and if you have a carefully curated feed then you can join in without messing up the pattern.

If you are thinking of running a challenge here’s a few things to bear in mind

Spread the word

You’ll need to let people know in advance if you’re running an Instagram challenge. Not too early in case people forget (although you can give a little nudge if this happens) and not too late in case people miss it.

I’d say let people know about it a couple of weeks before the start of the challenge. Add a post to your grid with the prompts. You can always repost this later on as a reminder or add a new post (same image – change the colours).

How long will it last?

Let your followers know how long they have to commit for. Will you be running your challenge over a weekend, a week, a fortnight or a whole month? 

Prompts and themes

Remember that you’ll have to set a prompt for each day. So it’s worth considering whether to have a theme for the challenge. Is it industry related? Does it relate to a certain hobby or interest? Is it seasonal (Halloween (October) and Christmas (December) are fun ones. I know, I’ve done both.  


You can’t really run an instagram challenge without having a unique hashtag – I mean how are you going to know who’s taking part? Let people know the hashtag when you post the prompts (see above). Follow the hashtag, and during the challenge check who has it so that you can share their content in your stories and engage with them. 

Soooo, why not have a go? Anyone planning on running an Instagram challenge in the second half of 2021? Let me know.

And if you follow me on Instagram, I’ll be on the lookout for any coming up and will share them in my guides:


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