How are you getting on with your reels creation? have you done a couple and then stopped? Not done any AT ALL? Want to do more?

I know loads of amazing businesswomen, like you, who want to be more visible on social media and have fun whilst doing it.

They want to experiment with different formats but haven’t got the confidence to start and are finding inspiration to be a bit tricky.

Sound familiar? If it is then do yourself a HUGE favour and keep reading…

Yes, you’re still here. Amazing. 

Because this is where I let you know that you don’t have to worry about inspiration any more. I’ve sorted all of that out for you.

I’ve had a look at what kind of reels content is working really well for business owners right now. What kind of content people are enjoying, what’s entertaining and what’s informative.

And I’ve used the knowledge to create this super handy guide for easy reels.

What do you get?

The guide contains 50 reels ideas with instructions on HOW to create  3 of these for yourself.

You also get some extra nuggets of advice from me, your friendly social media expert. 

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