We’re both doing some pretty cool work and I’m SUPER excited about what the future holds for both our businesses. 🔮

As you know, I have created a business around my life (and I think you just might have done that too!), so I’d love to take some time out to recap how it all works to ensure we both continue to thrive together.

What you DO get as a client

I’m a Social Media Manager and my superpower is creative and strategic social media management. I do this by:

  • creating a strategy for your social media around your goals, ideal clients and values
  • planning your yearly/monthly/weekly social media posts
  • creating content (imagery and copy) for your social media 
  • scheduling your social media posts in advance or posting ‘in real time’ if required
  • identify what is working and what isn’t based on monthly metrics
  • reviewing the tasks you send over and allocating estimated times based on my experience
  • analysing my current workload to determine whether I have both the skill and capacity to move your task forward
  • quality checking every piece of work prior to it being returned to you
  • often having meetings with you to check in and keep us all on track

What you DON’T get as a client

There are a few things outside of my zones of competence – web design, complicated accountancy / stuff with financials, email management. I am happy to leave that stuff to the experts.

Working hours

My core hours are 9am until 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Time off

I do like to take a day off from time to time. If you need to know about this, e.g. we are planning a meeting, I will definitely inform you in advance. You probably won’t need to know if we don’t have a meeting planned. 

Any longer amounts of time off will most likely be over school holidays and 2 weeks over Christmas (unless there is an absolute emergency).

Please note that I will always make sure that you feel fully supported before I turn on my out of office notification. 

Assigning tasks (if applicable)

Please send tasks by email or (if applicable) our project management system.

I try not to be on my phone ALL the time, so DMs and Messenger won’t be in alignment with this. And having a message on WhatsApp left unread makes my eye twitch.

For that reason, and because I’d hate to drop a ball, please keep sending tasks through via email or the PM system. 

If you absolutely have to contact me via WhatsApp, please be aware that I may mute the conversation and will check messages at scheduled times.


If there’s one thing we love, it’s a deadline! And most of these will be set during our strategy meetings and considered in my planning.

However, I will regularly check my inbox for emails from you and any notifications on our PM system and deadlines in case of any additional tasks and I will need to know their deadlines too.

My standard response time to acknowledge tasks is 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

This buffer gives me the opportunity to plan in the appropriate amount of time around our existing meetings and other deadlines you set.

I will often respond more quickly (see unread WhatsApp messages), but 24 hours works as the best guideline.

Urgent requests

I’ll be honest, I do my very  best work with clients when we operate in a world of proactivity. No-one enjoys being in fire-fighting mode regularly, but I do completely understand that urgent same-day requests can crop up from time to time. 

And I am here to help. 😊

If you need immediate support that absolutely-most-definitely can’t wait until the next time I check my inbox / the PM system, please call my mobile (but please, not after 5PM). 

Always ask for support when you need it

There are NO stupid questions. I will ALWAYS lend you my brain when I can.

If I can’t step up because it’s not my zone of genius, I will probably know someone who can help. So it’s always worth asking.


I soooo enjoy video calls with lovely clients!

Have as many as you like – weekly is ideal for most projects (daily might be a bit much…).

If you’d like to hop on a call to discuss something, let’s make sure it’s at a time that works for both of us. Simply drop me an email to work out a good time.

Meetings will be included in your package so it’s good to have the amount agreed on before I give you a quote (arrangements for more/fewer can be agreed on later and this will be reflected in the package rate).

I act with integrity

Honesty and integrity are two of my core values. I believe in taking ownership and responsibility for my actions, finding clear solutions to problems without blaming others, and always handling myself professionally. I’m happy to take feedback, but I don’t really like undue criticism. If something isn’t working or can be improved, we can discuss it in one of our meetings. 

My aim is to support you and your business so that it can grow. If you’re feeling HAPPY, SATISFIED, EXCITED, POSITIVE, FULFILLED, INCLUDED – then so am I!

A heads up

I think it’s important for businesses to review what they do and how much they charge for their services every now and then, so this is a quick heads up to let you know that this is something that I do in my business, usually on an annual basis. Don’t worry though, I won’t spring it on you! I will send out emails to let you know when a yearly review is coming up. Please note that any changes to the scope of work could result in rates being changed also.

Any questions

If you have any questions, please email me – kerry@alternativesocial.co.uk