Do you want to get more visible online?

Do you want the confidence to show up and be yourself?

Do you want to be able to showcase your expertise to the world (and as a result get more clients and more money)?

If you answered YES then I invite you to read on to see how I can support you.

Social Media And Visibility Coaching 

What is included?

💡 x6 weekly 1:1 coaching sessions over Zoom
💡 direct accountability for 2 weeks after the last session
💡 1 x2 hour follow up session

What happens in the sessions?

We can use the sessions to look at your resistance to being visible and how to overcome that. How to be consistently visible using systems. And how to nail your message so that you can really start talking about what you do.

What results can you expect to have ?

⚡More clarity on your social media marketing for your business.
⚡More confidence around being visible online.
⚡More systems, consistency, strategies, knowledge, resources and tips on how to manage your social media.

Does it work?

Yes! I’ve empowered a coaching client who was worried about being visible on social media to posting her very first Reel.

She told me: ‘I appreciate the space to be able to work through things and you helped me change my mindset a bit on my fear of social media and I feel empowered now to be able to approach it because I’ll be approaching it in a different way.’

I’d absolutely love to be able to help you more!

Your investment in YOU

Are you ready to invest in your business and you?

  • Get visible
  • Be consistent
  • Build confidence